Do you want to look and feel your best?

Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

Holistic Care NZ

All natural and hand made products
Hand made holistic care products all natural

Experience healing and regenerating powers of nature we provide for you. Using our health and beauty products you will significantly improve both physically and emotionally.

All our products are hand-picked, hand-made and 100% natural. Ingredients are from our farm and local suppliers. Even the packaging is eco-friendly.

Beauty and power of nature tailored for you

Natures perfection works for you

If you are new to the world of holistic approach, just contact us and get free consultation before purchasing. When we hear more about you, we’ll recommend the best options for you.

Knowing that everybody is special and understanding you better, we’ll help you maximize results our products can provide.

Perfect gift for you and people you love
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Indulge yourself with gifts from nature. Don’t wait to enjoy, relax and feel full of energy. There is no better time than now. Then, shower your loved ones with the same pleasure.

If you are not sure what the perfect gift would be, we are only one phone call away to advise.

Also, we make custom, personalized jewelry. You can choose crystals you want, or tell us more about you, and we will recommend the best combination.

All our products are safe for children and animals!

They are completely natural. No added chemicals, no preservatives, no ‘fillers’ – there are just the active ingredients and the wax which is required to turn salves/balms from a liquid to a solid form.

Our beauty products contain plant oils, plant based waxes and essential oils.

Suitable for the most sensitive skin.

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Check what our customers say about it.

Holistic Care NZ - all natural products and homeopathic advices

By purchasing our products you become the part of our efforts to preserve the nature and help animals!

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We rescue/rehabilitate and re-home farm animals and have a small sanctuary in Kaukapakapa, Auckland.

Part of the profits from sales of our products go towards supporting our efforts.

Holistic Care NZ - safe for children and animals

Holistic care NZ testimonial photo Bianca Aiono

Bianca Aiono, Auckland

I was probably one of the first customers, and I know Tracey for years now. Always enjoy talking to her, she never stops amazing me with her knowledge about nature. I’m definitely a convert. From the girl who didn’t care what she was putting on the skin, now I always spend time reading ingredients.
I’m using almost everything they make. Even as a student, I could afford their products. My skin is silky, and I still don’t have wrinkles, although I’m over 35 now.
Many of my friends and family became regular customers, because I gave them a gift, and that was enough for them to see how great Tracey’s products are.
I must admit, it took me a while to decide to listen to Tracey’s advice and try one custom-made bracelet. Tracey knew about some problems I was struggling with, so she convinced me to try the bracelet, which she made specially for me. You know what? It worked!! Thank you, thank you, Tracey and the whole team. You really are the best! Please, give us more new magical things of yours.
Testimonial for Holistic Health Management Otto

Otto Kallio, St.John’s

I’ve always been using natural cosmetics and health products. So, when I was in the ¬†Long Bay Village Market, I bought several things after a long, very informative, and interesting talk with Tracey. She even gave me some samples. Since then, I am a regular customer. I use bath salts, oils, balms, and body lotions. Whenever I need a gift for someone, I buy some gift sets. I like that I call, and they propose adequate products for the set, so I don’t have to think too much. And I was never wrong to give such a gift, people love that stuff.
The best thing is that I know I’m helping animals while spending money and indulging myself, that makes me feel superb.
Holistic care NZ testimonial photo Rose Bronlund

Rose Bronlund, Auckland

First, I bought an African bloodstone crystal bracelet from Holistic Health. Latter, I bought several more things for me and some friends and family. I love that all of the bracelets come with labels that describe the healing properties of the crystals, most of them don’t have that. I love my bracelet – I wear it every day, and it’s definitely working!

Holistic care NZ testimonial photo Rose Dominick

Rose Dominick, Auckland

I have bought quite a few things from Holistic Health, including bracelets, a gua sha, facial serum oil, and I have even ordered custom designed bracelets. I have spoken with Tracey and find that she is really knowledgeable and is always happy to spend the time getting to know people and understand their needs. Which is awesome. I will 100% be buying from them again.

Testimonial for Holistic Health Management Alexandar

Alexandar Mezej, Hamilton

Got a gift set from my girlfriend with a bathing salt, kawakawa balm, and a crystal bracelet. The kawakawa balm is great for me, especially when I go hiking and camping. Have it always with me. Bathing salt I like very much and keep using it. Since I’m regular at the gym, I started using it before exercising and I really like that I don’t smell bad even after two hours of extreme practising.

As for the bracelet, I was suspicious at the beginning, but now, I wear it all the time. It’s not just a gift which I like, but it gives me a good feeling. When nervous, just touching it calms me down. I like everything so much, this was one of the best gifts I got. We both continue using products.