Delightful Yellow calcite crystal duck


Let the Crystal Duck Quack Open New Opportunities!

Get ready to soar!

Our mesmerizing yellow calcite duck will help you attract new opportunities, quacking open the doors to success!


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Quack Your Way to Success with the Crystal Duck!

Unlock abundance and prosperity with our stunning crystal duck statue made of yellow calcite.

Let this wise duck guide you on your journey to success!

Crystal duck made from yellow calcite

Calcite is a crystal that helps us to connect our intellect with our emotions.

It brings stability and balance.

It will allow you to pursue what it important to you.

Care for your crystal duck

Like all crystals, your calcite duck needs to be energetically cleansed from time to time.

To keep your crystals in top condition:

  • Make sure you keep them free of dust and debris
  • Storing them on selenite will help to keep them energetically clean
  • Put your crystal under the moonlight at full moon – this will help to re-charge its energies.

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