Velvet malachite – the stone of transformation


Malachite works directly with your heart chakra to bring transformation to your life.

This crystal is strong, protective and builds up layers of confidence.


Colour – Dark green.

Material – Semi-precious crystals – malachite.

Shape – Large tumble.


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History of velvet malachite

Malachite is a form of copper sulphate, which is where it gets its rich deep green colouring.

Malachite is found in several African countries, the USA, Australia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Its name comes from the Greek word ‘maloche’ which means mallow – as it resembles the marshmallow plant in colour.

It has been used as pigment in paints for thousands of years.

It has been used in many cultures for jewellery, vases and even in architecture.

Velvet malachite

Malachite is known as the stone of transformation.

It works directly with your heart chakra to bring decisive, transformative energy to your life.

It contains powerful masculine energy and is very protective.

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Care for your velvet malachite

Crystals need to be kept clean and energised to enable them to work,

Make sure you dust your tortoise on a regular basis.

If the flower agate is placed in such a way that it can’t see the moon, put it on a windowsill at full moon.

This will re-energise the crystal properties of the crystal.


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