Tree of life pendant NZ – 3 different types


Grow and transform with the tree of life pendant NZ.

The leaves of this tree are made from crystals to remind us that in order to grow, we must accept change.

Choose from carnelian, mixed tourmaline or chakra stones.

Wear this pendant around your neck and close to your heart chakra for love.

Each one is unique and may vary from the picture shown.

Colour – multiple.

Material – Semi-precious crystals – multiple.

Metal – wire.

Shape – Round.

Size – approximately 3cm diameter.

This pendant is suitable for both men and women.


Shipping costs via Postage are $10 to urban areas. Add an additional $4.30 for rural areas.

Contactless, free pick-up available for Rodney residents.

To check if your address belongs to the urban or rural shipping class, please visit the Address Checker.

Please contact us if you want to ship this bracelet to international (non-NZ) destinations.

About the tree of life pendant NZ

The tree of life is a symbol in many cultures and religions. It can express:

  • Growth
  • Connection
  • Individuality
  • Rebirth

Every part of the tree is important, and has its own meaning.

What crystals are on the tree of life pendant NZ?

Choose from

  • Carnelian – for confidence
  • Mixed tourmaline – to transform negative energy into positive energy
  • Chakra -to clear and balance all your chakras. This pendant contains:
    • Crown chakra- Clear Quartz
    • Third Eye- Amethyst
    • Throat chakra- Lapis Lazuli
    • Heart chakra- Aventurine
    • Solar Plexus chakra- Citrine
    • Sacral chakra- Carnelian
    • Root chakra- Red Jasper

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Care for your tree of life pendant NZ

The crystals on the pendant are delicate stones, and can be easily harmed from harsh environments.

  • Never use harsh chemicals near the crystal.

You can use a soft cleaning cloth to the clean the silver wire.

It is best to remove before showering or bathing.

To cleanse absorbed energies. put it on your windowsill during a full moon (three days on other side).


Chakra, Carnelian, Tourmaline


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