Transform energy with this 925 sterling silver moldavite pendant


Transform energy with this 925 sterling silver moldavite pendant.

Moldavite is known as the stone of transformation.

It sits in the centre of this sterling silver pendant, to remind us that in order to grow, we must accept change.

Wear this pendant around your neck and close to your heart chakra for love.


Colour – Green.

Material – Semi-precious crystals – moldavite.

Metal – 925 stirling silver.


This pendant is suitable for both men and women.


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Transform energy with this 925 sterling silver moldavite pendant

Use moldavite to connect with your higher self and move beyond your own limitations.

This is a stone with an incredible range of healing and spiritual vibrational energies.

Be warned though: for those that are highly sensitive or attuned this can be overwhelming.

Even those that aren’t normally attuned to vibrational energies can often sense its power.

Take care must be taken when using it.

Transform energy with this 925 sterling silver moldavite pendant

Moldavite was formed millions of years ago when a meteorite crashed near the Moldau river.

This created a massive explosion, as it cooled tektites were formed.

Slowly as the shattered pieces of the comet cooled further they formed into what we call ‘moldavite’.

Transformation is the key phrase when thinking of moldavite.


In ancient times, moldavite was used to bring good fortune and improve fertility.

It is a beautiful crystal that is normally a darker shade of opaque green.

In it’s raw state, you can often see the air bubbles that were trapped inside when it was formed.

This pendant is made of sterling silver and contains a piece of moldavite at it’s centre.

Wearing moldavite in jewellery will help you access the protective powers of the crystal.

This crystal is associated with all of our chakras, and so can be used in many ways.

Some of the ways that moldavite can be used include:

  • Accessing your higher spiritual self
  • Accessing your Akashic records
  • Clearing deep emotional trauma
  • Manifesting wealth
  • Bringing safety in travel
  • Helping with relationships
  • Transform energy
  • Wearing moldavite while sleeping may bring guidance through dreams.

Moldavite is associated with, and can benefit, all of the seven main chakras or energy centres.

It is particularly powerful for the heart, third eye and crown chakras.

We have a range of different rings and pendants containing moldavite crystal.

For more information, please contact us now.

Moldavite can be combined with other crystals, including

  • rose quartz when working to clear your heart chakra and
  • amethyst for connection between your logical mind and your spiritual mind.

Or why not combine it with a moldavite ring?

If you are looking for help to transform your life, this pendant is for you!

For more information, read this article.

Transform energy with this 925 sterling silver moldavite pendant

Moldavite is a delicate stone, and can be easily harmed from harsh environments.

  • Never use harsh chemicals near the crystal.

You can use a silver cleaning cloth to the clean the silver part of the pendant.

  • It is best to remove before using soap to wash your hands or before submerging them in soapy water.

It also absorbs negative energies quite fast and so it needs frequent cleansing.

  • You can clear the energies absorbed by the moldavite by running it under clear water.
  • You can also put it on your windowsill during a full moon (three days on other side).



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