Spectacular tall Christmas trees – approx. 10cm talls


Christmas is coming!

These trees will be great decorations.

Our medium Christmas trees are made out of lepidolite and look like they are sprinkled with snow.


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History of tall Christmas trees

I love Christmas and especially the smell of a fresh pine tree in my living room.

(Although I’m not so keen on the dropping needles.)

But did you know that the tradition of bringing in a tree dates back to ancient Egypt and Rome?

Modern day use of Christmas trees is dated to a Germanic tradition.

Read more in this Time magazine article.

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Tall Christmas trees – what crystal options are there?

  • Clear quartz
    • This is the master healer
    • It is a very balancing crystal
    • It invigorates and energises the mind and body helping you to feel good all over
  • Green aventurine
    • Green aventurine is known as the “stone of opportunity”, while malachite is known as the “stone of transformation.”
    • This combination of opportunity and transformation is perfect to help you manifest changes in your life.

Care for your tall Christmas trees

To optimise the energy from your crystals, follow these simple steps:

  • Crystals need to be kept clean and energised to enable them to work.
  • Make sure you dust your trees on a regular basis.
  • If the crystal is placed in such a way that it can’t see the moon, put it on a windowsill at full moon.
  • This will re-energise the crystal properties of the crystal.

Clear quartz, Green aventurine


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