Smoky quartz stone ring – US size 7


Leave the past behind you and move forward with smoky quartz.

Smoky quartz is associated with your root chakra and brings grounding and stability into your life.

It helps to move you on from bad experiences in your past.

It is also the national gemstone of Scotland, and it’s history dates back to the days of the druids.

Colour – Dark brown.

Material – Semi-precious crystals – smoky quartz.

Metal – 925 stirling silver.

Size – US size 7.

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About smoky quartz stone

Smokey quartz is a deep brown to grey opaque stone.

This stone was used for jewellery in ancient times by both the Egyptians and the Romans.

The Celtic Druids considered smoky quartz to be a powerful, sacred stone.

They used it to help souls find their path.

The Chinese used smoky quartz much like modern day sunglasses.

And meanwhile in the 16th century Britain, it found it’s way into the jewellery of the rich.

Smoky quartz is the national gemstone for Scotland.

It is often found in ceremonial items, such as the sgian dubh.

Famous deposits found in Scotland, are called the “Cairngorm Quartz” after the range in which it is found.

Smoky quartz stone ring – more information

Smoky quartz is associated with the root chakra.

It brings with it grounding, stability and protection.

Smoky quartz is also called the “stone of release“.

It is a good stone for helping you to release any unnecessary emotions, thoughts or beliefs.

Here is a 15 minute guided meditation on YouTube to use your smoky quartz with.

Smoky quartz works really well with other grounding stones, such as black tourmaline.

Why not wear it with one of our crystal stretch bracelets, such as:


Care for your smoky quartz stone ring

This ring is made from 925 sterling silver and includes two faceted smoky quartz gemstones.

Smoky quartz is a delicate stone, and can be easily harmed from harsh environments or chemicals.

It is best to remove before even using soap to wash your hands or before submerging them in soapy water.

It also absorbs negative energies quite fast and so it needs frequent cleansing.

You can clear the energies absorbed by the smoky quartz by running it under clear water.

You can also put it on your windowsill during a full moon (three days on other side) to clear the energies.



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