Smoky Quartz Crystals – Rough and Tumble


Smoky quartz is typically an opaque brown to grey colour.

It is associated with your root chakra, and has powerful grounding qualities.

It can be used in meditation and also to reduce the effect of EMFs.


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Smoky Quartz Crystals – The National Gem of Scotland

Smoky quartz is found worldwide, however it is commonly sourced from the United States, Brazil and Madagascar.

You may also hear is called morion from the Latin mormorion, which means dark precious stone.

It was originally found and mined in the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland.

This crystal was used extensively by the Celtic peoples of Scotland, for use in jewellery and decorative weapons.

It has been considered sacred for centuries, and its use can be dated back to the time of the Celtic Druids.

Smoky Quartz Crystals – Use & Properties

Smoky quartz can be used in meditation for grounding and relaxing.

Try this guided meditation to help you get the most of your crystal.

This is a very grounding crystal, which removes negativity and brings protection.

It is good for concentration and helping you to move forward in life.

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This crystal is associated with your root chakra, so brings grounding, protection and stability to your life.

Care for your smoky quartz crystals

Like all crystals, smoky quartz needs to be energetically cleansed after it has done it’s work.

To keep your crystals in top condition:

  • Make sure you keep them free of dust and debris
  • Storing them on selenite will help to keep them energetically clean
  • Put your crystal under the moonlight at full moon – this will help to re-charge its energies.
Crystal type

Rough, Tumble


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