Rose quartz and White Topaz Ring – US sizes 7 & 8


Are you looking for love?

We think you will fall in love with this gorgeous rose quartz ring with white topaz set in 925 sterling silver.

This ring combines love of the rose quartz with the manifesting power of white topaz to really add spice to your love life!

Not only that, but it will look absolutely stunning adorning your hand!

This is a limited edition, so be in quick!


Shipping costs via Postage are an additional $10 to urban areas. Add $4.30 for rural areas.

To check if your address belongs to the urban or rural shipping class, please visit theĀ Address Checker.

Full instructions are in the product description.

Rose quartz and white topaz set in 925 sterling silver

Are you looking for something a little bit special, delicate and feminine?

This rose quartz and white topaz ring set in 925 sterling silver could be just the thing!

The rose quartz is tear shaped and is set with a single, smaller white topaz stone on top of it.

Pure magic!

Rose quartz and white topaz – information

Rose quartz is centred around your heart chakra.

It is the stone of love.

It brings with it, not only romantic love, but also a healing self-love.


Add to that the powers of white topaz:

  • This crystal is associated with your crown chakra, enhancing your connection and helping you to find your true purpose in life
  • It brings love, peace, joy and inspiration
  • And it also help to manifest your desires in a speedy way!

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Care for your rose quartz and white topaz ring

Rose quartz and white topaz are both delicate stones, and can be easily harmed from harsh environments.

Never use harsh chemicals near the crystal.

It is best to remove before even using soap to wash your hands or before submerging them in soapy water.

It also absorbs negative energies quite fast and so it needs frequent cleansing.

You can clear the energies absorbed by the moldavite by running it under clear water.

You can also put it on your windowsill during a full moon (three days on other side of the full moon) to clear the energies.


US 7, US8


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