Raw crystal earrings with 925 sterling silver hooks


There’s something quite special and unique about raw crystals.

We think these raw crystal earrings will be an absolute favourite!

They make great gifts for a friend, loved one or, hey – at this price, why not treat yourself?

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What are raw crystal earrings?

Raw crystals, which are also known as rough crystals, are crystals the way nature presents them.

They are not tumbled or polished before being presented to the world.

There’s something very special, powerful and beautiful about raw crystals.

Is it the beauty of presenting your authentic self?

The energy of raw crystal earrings

Some people believe that the energy of raw crystals is truer than that of polished, tumbled or carved crystals.

This is because they are pure in form.

We believe that not only are they highly energetic, but they are also incredibly beautiful, and we think you will agree!

Care for your raw crystal earrings

These earrings are made from 925 sterling silver and include a single raw gemstone.

Gemstones are delicate stones, and can be easily harmed from harsh environments or chemicals.

It is best to remove before even showering or bathing.

It also absorbs negative energies quite fast and so it needs frequent cleansing.

To recharge the crystals put them on your windowsill during a full moon (three days on other side) to clear the energies.


Aquamarine, Prehnite, Dream amethyst, Green fluorite, Purple fluorite, Clear quartz, Pyrite


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