Moonstone and blue lace agate NZ pendant


Pendant with moonstone and blue lace agate NZ

Bring calming waters with the combined power of blue lace agate and moonstone.

These two crystals work together in harmony to bring soothing, calming energies.

Between them, they associated with all four of the higher chakras.

A pendant is perfectly placed to help with this, as you wear it close to your throat and higher chakras.


Colour – Blue with white inclusions and milku white

Material – Semi-precious crystals – blue lace agate and moonstone.

Metal – 925 stirling silver

Shape – Oval


This pendant is suitable for both men and women.


Shipping costs via Postage are $10 to urban areas. Add an additional $4.30 for rural areas.

Contactless, free pick-up available to Rodney district residents.

To check if your address belongs to the urban or rural shipping class, please visit the Address Checker.

Please contact us if you want to ship this bracelet to international (non-NZ) destinations.

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About moonstone and blue lace agate NZ

Blue lace agate is reminiscent of the sky of on a beautiful summer’s day.

While moonstone evokes memories of a full moon on a cloudless night.

How perfect then, is this combination pendant – bringing the best of night and day?

Both of these crystal bring calming energies to bear.

Moonstone is associated with your crown chakra, helping you with connection to the universe.

Blue lace agate is associated with your crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras.

This brings connection to universe, insight, communication and love.

It also brings balance.

Moonstone and blue lace agate have many similar properties that make them work together well.

They are both balancing and calming and help with intuition and connection to the universe.

Moonstone is a great stone to bring restful sleep.

It also balances both male and female hormones and energies, and reduces any aggression.


*The information on this website is provided as information only.

*Please do your own research. If you are concerned about any aspect of your health, contact your GP.

More information on moonstone & blue lace agate NZ

Blue lace agate is mainly associated with the throat chakra.

It is an ideal crystal for opening up and speaking your truth.

Blue lace agate brings with it calming and soothing energies.

It is a great stone to use for improving relationships as it will help you to keep a cool head & communicate.

It is useful for improving ease and quality of sleep.

By wearing this crystal during the day, you will invite its soothing energies into your life.

In turn, daily peace of mind will bring with it improved sleep quality.


Moonstone is generally considered to be a crystal for women.

However, it is a great stone for reducing aggression in both men and women, and bringing calm.


Check out this guided meditation with blue lace agate on YouTube.

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Care for your moonstone and blue lace agate NZ pendant

To keep your pendant in great condition, there’s a few simple things you can do:

  1. To clean the crystal use a soft, damp cloth
  2. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they may damage the natural crystal pendant.
  3. Some crystals will fade if left in the sun.
    • It is recommended not to leave out for extended periods of time in a sunny spot.
    • You can still wear it on a sunny day though.
  4. Cleanse the energies of your pendant
    • Putting it on a windowsill at full moon (or three days either side).
    • Rest your pendant on a selenite slab to cleanse and re-charge.
    • Cleansing in the smoke of a sacred plant.


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