Ocean jasper cobra – tranquility and healing


Bring healing and transformation to your life (or others) with the power of the snake!

This ocean jasper double headed cobra snake is a stunning addition to any home!

Ocean jasper brings calm and tranquility to your life


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Ocean jasper cobra – snakes in spirituality

The symbolism of the snake is associated with the healer.

Your healing gifts come from your heart and bring empathy, compassion and love.

The snake also brings with it rebirth, transformation, transmutation and sexuality.

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All about ocean jasper cobra

Ocean jasper comes from the seas of north Madagascar, where it is found near the edge of the ocean.

Like the ocean itself, this jasper brings calm and tranquility with it.

It helps to dispel negative energies, and like all jaspers it brings protection and grounding.

Sometimes, ocean jasper is called the Atlantis stone, and it brings with it the mysterious wisdom of that lost city.

Care for your ocean jasper cobra

Crystals need to be kept clean and energised to enable them to work.

Make sure you dust your snake on a regular basis.

If the snake is placed in such a way that it can’t see the moon, put it on a windowsill at full moon.

This will re-energise the crystal properties of the crystal.


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