Divine amethyst geode – bring calm and clarity


Amethyst crystals for peace and calm in the bedroom!

Amethyst is probably best known for its calming qualities, and no bedroom should be without it.

It is associated with the crown and third eye chakras, and is therefore very helpful in spiritual awareness and intuition.


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History of amethyst geode

Amethyst has been known and used for centuries.

It’s name comes from the Greek word for intoxicated. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans used amethyst to cure them of drunkeness!

This crystal is commonly found worldwide – including North and South America, Africa, Asia, and even New Zealand.

The most commonly known variant of amethyst is a lavender to deep purple, sometimes varying in colour from white to purple across the stone.

It also comes in other colours, including pink, smokey, purple white banded Chevron amethyst and even a green amethyst.

Amethyst geode – use and properties

Being associated with the third eye and crown chakras, amethyst is very spiritual crystal.

It can be used in meditation, and will help with moving to higher frequency states.

When worn in jewellery, amethyst can help with mental clarity, emotional balance, and calm.

Check out some of our amethyst jewellery:

Amethyst should also be placed around the house to purify the atmosphere and create clarity.

Care for amethyst geode

Like all crystals, smokey quartz needs to be energetically cleansed after it has done it’s work.

To keep your crystals in top condition:

  • Make sure you keep them free of dust and debris
  • Storing them on selenite will help to keep them energetically clean
  • Put your crystal under the moonlight at full moon – this will help to re-charge its energies.


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