Spectacular labradorite earrings – approx. 2cm long


Labradorite is a crystal that is linked to mystery – just look within it’s depths and you will understand.

And then take it into the light to see different mysteries.

These gorgeous earrings are approximately 2 cm in their drop – delicate, yet they will stand out when hung from your ears.


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Labradorite earrings – full of mystery

On the surface, labradorite is a deep blue crystal full of mystical elements. It has often been compared to the Aurora Borealis due to its seemingly ever-changing range of hues and depth.

Labradorite is also a stone of transformation and protection, preventing energy leakage.

Alot of labradorite comes from Canada – so maybe the link to the Aurora Borealis runs deeper than we suspect.

The Inuit people certainly feel that labradorite has captured the power of Aurora Borealis to allow these spectacular lights to shine forever.

Just hold it up to the light and you will see the mysteries within.

Labradorite earrings – chakra links

Labradorite is linked to both your crown chakra and your third eye chakra meaning that it brings with it clarity and focus and a depth of insight and intuition.

Labradorite will raise your consciousness and bring you strength and wisdom. It also protects you from negative energies and your own energy leakage.

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Care for your labradorite earrings

These earrings are made from 925 sterling silver and include a single labradorite gemstone.

Gemstones are delicate stones, and can be easily harmed from harsh environments or chemicals.

It also absorbs negative energies quite fast and so it needs frequent cleansing.

You can clear the energies absorbed by the crystals by running it under clear water.

You can also put it on your windowsill during a full moon (three days on other side) to clear the energies.


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