Kaukapakapa Kawakawa Balm NZ – heals and protects the skin

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Natural antiseptic with healing properties.

Kawakawa salve with the Tamanu oil and three essential oils.

If you have any of these problems:

  • dry,
  • irritated skin,
  • stings,
  • bites,
  • scrapes,
  • abrasion,
  • rashes,
  • eczema,
  • blisters and
  • sunburn,

this is the best natural product for you.

May provide relief from rheumatism, neuralgia, and sciatica.

Also, it may help to prevent skin eruptions and nappy rash.


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Kawakawa Balm NZ – healing natural salve

From the banks of the Kaukapakapa river, comes the kawakawa used in our balm.

Kawakawa is a traditional, Kiwi healing herb, used for centuries. Contains a mild antiseptic, which helps in treating minor skin issues.

Tamanu oil has a high content of fatty acids that contain antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant, and antifungal properties.

We infuse kawakawa in jojoba oil for use in our products.


When using properly, our Kawakawa balm NZ may help you prevent skin eruptions and nappy rash.

It may provide relief from the symptoms of rheumatismsciatica, and neuralgia.

Whenever you, or your child, have irritated or dry skin, bites, stings, scrapes, rashes, eczema, blisters, abrasions or sunburn, using our healing salve may accelerate the recovery process.


When applied, the balm forms an invisible, thin barrier on the skin, preventing evaporation of the moisture. This is to accelerate the natural repair process.

Our kawakawa salve is a hand-made using kawakawa that is sustainably harvested from our farm. It has no preservatives, colourants, or artificial chemicals.

How to use Kawakawa Balm NZ

Apply Kawakawa Balm 2-3 times a day at regular intervals to irritated skin and then daily as the skin begins to heal.

For prevention, use once a day.


A pea-size amount is enough for a 5-10 cm long skin part, depending on the width of the damaged area.

With gentle massage, without pressure, apply the balm and let it absorb into the skin.


Kawakawa Balm NZ – important to know

This product is for external use only, however, the kawakawa herb itself may be used internally and externally.

In the summer, kawakawa tree produces sweet, yellow berries. When eaten, they have a mild diuretic effect.


Dry leaves are used as herbal tea which, besides the great flavor, supports digestion.

It may be applied on lips, whenever they are dry or chapped.

Kawakawa Balm NZ CONTAINS:

  • Kawakawa infused jojoba oil 46%
  • Tamanu oil 42%
  • Candelila wax 10%
  • Essential oils 2%

For any additional information or consultation, please contact us.

3 reviews for Kaukapakapa Kawakawa Balm NZ – heals and protects the skin

  1. Rose Dominick

    Last night I was bitten by a spider which may have been a whitetail! The area swelled up and became red so I used this kawakawa on the bite area and it took the swelling and redness away within a few hours.

  2. Paul Towersey

    My Dog had an abscess on her neck that would just not heal. I had used topical antibiotics but it just kept coming back. The kawakawa balm cleared it up in 5 days. Its good stuff.

  3. Mike Moffat

    I’ve used this balm on various problems over the last year. I’ve used it on wasp stings, cuts, abrasions, burn and it also helped clear up an attack of athletes foot. Has many uses and I’ve given it to several friends who have been quite surprised at its effectiveness despite their initial reservations. Working better than over the counter medications. Give it a go!

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