Facial roller NZ Amethyst-calms and soothes your skin


Authentic amethyst will make your skin feels amazing. It soothes blemished skin and helps moisture-balancing.


By driving healing ions deep into your skin cells, amethyst facial roller smoothes wrinkles, soothes inflammation, and removes puffiness.

Order now this low-tech, thousand-year-old traditional beauty tool, and never again wake up feeling sorry for the previous night of fun.


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Facial roller NZ Amethyst – purple


Our authentic amethyst Facial roller NZ will magically induce radiance and inner peace into your cells. Rolling firms the skin and reduces puffiness.

Don’t you agree that there is nothing worse than waking up after a night of eating and drinking to find a swollen face staring back at you in the mirror? No matter how great fun you had, the price can be too high the day after. That is where your Amethyst facial roller becomes unreplaceable.


How to use Facial roller NZ Amethyst

Apply your favorite facial oil or moisturizing cream to the skin. Roll lightly against the skin as shown in the photo. Try to follow directions as pointed.

To achieve maximum results, we recommend a double effect massage. Put your facial roller in the refrigerator to keep it stone-cold for a refreshing facial massage. For a spa-like experience, put one in the warm water, too. Alternate between the hot and the cold facial rollers.

You will experience an extra boost of energy flowing through your facial muscles.

Try to make the ritual of your massage. At least once a day, enjoy pampering your skin. If you can’t do it daily, two to three times a week will be enough.

Most people who started using a facial roller reported results after a week. The full effect should be expected after 2-3 months.

The full treatment for maximum results

  • Clean your face with water and gentle cleanser,
  • Dry it with a clean towel,
  • Apply a skincare product, such as moisturizing cream or oil,
  • Start using the roller as shown in the photo below,
  • Avoid rolling from side to side, or up and down,
  • Continue for several minutes, up to 10 minutes,
  • If you feel discomfort or pain, reduce the pressure,
  • After use, clean the roller.

We recommend a 5 minutes YouTube video “How to use a Jade Roller” seen more than one million times, where you can see detailed instructions about the use of facial rollers. The video is showing the benefits of the Jade roller, but the massage is the same, no matter which stone you use.

Facial roller NZ Amethyst – dispelled doubts


In 2017. the study showed that massaging skin tissue for just one minute twice a day increased levels of skin proteins after 10 days. At the end of the study, researchers concluded that wrinkles became less visible in the group which used facial rollers than in one that didn’t.

In 2018. the study showed that using a roller for only 5 minutes will increase blood flow to your skin. Using it for 10 minutes is more than enough to enjoy great memories of the previous night, without any consequences for your face.


During 2020. Internet searches for facial rollers had increased more than 40%. Instagram has thousands of posts on the topic, and it is a trend worth trying. Low-tech and cheap, the facial roller is a thousand years old simple tool that really helps.

Recent studies and numerous testimonials are proof that it really works. In traditional Chinese medicine, facial rolling is intended to circulate your QI (chi, energy) to clear up energetic blockages.

Expert testimonial


Daphne Lim, the holistic health guru (with clients like Jessica Alba) says “I’ll use face rolling if I’m having negative thoughts, my head feels cloudy, or if I’m having a hard time focusing on work.”

Try it now, it really works!

Be aware that the facial roller NZ can not help you to lo lose weight or slim your face. But, they will reduce the puffiness and give your skin a more taut appearance and filling.


Due to the natural and authentic stone, the color may vary slightly.


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  • If you are concerned about any aspect of your health, contact your GP.


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