Face Roller Black Obsidian Crystal for wisdom and protection


Start your day feeling inner peace and balance.


Daily massage with black obsidian crystal will reduce your pores, soothe and hydrate facial skin and prevent breakouts.

If you feel anxious and stressed, use your roller to remove the negative energy.

Suitable for men and women.


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Recommended massage is shown in the photo. Use gentle pressure, 5-10 minutes per day.


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Face Roller Black Obsidian Crystal

The obsidian face roller and black obsidian, in general, are believed to protect against negativity and stress.

Aside from this ancient, low-tech, and extremely helpful tool’s ability to massage your skin, the black obsidian facial roller improves the absorption of moisturizing products onto your face.

It is just what you need when indulging in some well-deserved self-care.

How to use Face Roller Black Obsidian Crystal

Before using the roller, apply moisturizing or oily skin-care products all over your face and neck.

There are two wheels made of genuine obsidian crystal. Massage your face and neck gently, following arrows on our photo.

A smaller wheel should be used for the area under the eyes, and on the nose.


Use your face roller black crystal obsidian:

  1. To apply face serums. One of the most popular uses for an obsidian face roller- using the roller to massage and spread your favorite cream until thoroughly absorbed.
  2. When feeling stressed. Taking a few extra moments to care for yourself is very important. You deserve it.
  3. For a midday treat. The middle of the day is a perfect time for a 10-minutes self-indulgent. Clean your face, put new cream, use the roller, and you are ready for afternoon makeup or leisure time.
  4. To smooth on liquid powder. After applying the liquid powder, the most natural look will be achieved thanks to short usage of your obsidian face roller.
  5. For a relaxing massage. Whenever during the day, you feel stressed, take a brake, use the roller while practicing a bit of mindfulness and meditation. Focus on the feeling of the smooth stone gliding over your face and enjoy.

Face Roller Black Obsidian Crystal – important and interesting

Like many black, brown, and red stones, obsidian is often used for grounding. It can help with getting centered, feeling present, clearing energy, and connecting to the earth and our own bodies.


Find out more about obsidian in the article “How To Use Obsidian For Healing, Grounding & More, From A Crystal Expert“.


If you have any questions or you need a consultation, please contact us.



  • As this facial roller is made from natural obsidian, the product you receive may vary from that shown in the picture.
  • The information on this website cannot be considered medical advice.
  • If you are concerned about any aspect of your health, contact your GP.


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