Cutest ever! Crystal baby goats


Baby goats are the cutest animals ever!

From frolicking and causing mischief and mayhem to participating in goat yoga – who can resist them?

These crystal baby goats are sure to bring a smile, without the chaos!

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Crystal baby goats

We have solved the problem of how to have a baby goat – in the city or if your fences just aren’t good enough.

Yes, these fun, frolicking animals have been immortalised in crystal – just for you!

Goats bring with them balance and stability.

This is a good reminder for our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing – to keep the balance.

Crystal baby goats – unique to us and your choice!

Yes – we commissioned these baby goats to be produced, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

We have four options to choose from:

  • Rose quartz
  • Howlite (white)
  • Mahogany obsidian (brown)
  • Black obsidian

Goats are social creatures and like to be part of a herd – so why not buy a couple and start your own family?

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Care for your crystal baby goats

It’s best to keep your baby goat out of the direct sunlight (some crystals can fade in the sun), and away from moisture.

Crystals need to be kept clean and energised to enable them to work.

Make sure you dust your goat on a regular basis.

If the goat is placed in such a way that it can’t see the moon, put it on a windowsill at full moon.

This will re-energise the crystal properties of the crystal.


Rose quartz, Howlite, Mahogany obsidian, Black obsidian


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