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If you are in Auckland, we have the following market days during the winter:

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  • Fourth Sunday of the month – Long Bay Village

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Holistic health therapy and products

While “beauty” is still the main term that comes to mind when we think about cosmetic products, an increasing number of consumers expect to find environmentally friendly and ethical qualities in the cosmetics they purchase. Natural and holistic health products are part of our core values and commitment not only to human wellbeing but also to the protection of the environment and biodiversity.

Are you considering going for more natural and organic cosmetics to take care of your body?

There are two reasons to turn to holistic health therapy and beauty products.

#1 Natural and organic care for your body

Conventional cosmetics frequently contain a high percentage of petroleum-based ingredients. Their use is inconsistent with the concept of truly natural cosmetics. Our beauty and health products are made of minerals, plant extracts, products from microorganisms, or substances derived from these sources.

Apart from providing natural protection and care to your skin, natural cosmetics also help you keep your well-being in check. Many natural essential oils from plants such as lavender, rose or mint is used in aromatherapy. They help to activate, relax and soothe our bodies.

How to identify “natural” or “organic” cosmetics?
While many cosmetics claim to be “natural” or “organic”, not all of them provide verifiable guarantees of these qualities. Checking the ingredients may help you assess the degree of accuracy of such claims, but not for every ingredient. Declaring the ingredient origin (natural, petrochemical, etc.) is not a requirement by law. How can you be sure that a natural or organic cosmetic fully meets your expectations?

Contact us to help. We will recommend and advise you.

#2 Environmentally friendly approach

Many petroleum-based ingredients frequently used in conventional cosmetics require extensive mining which endangers soil and poses a threat to wildlife habitats. Unlike petrochemical substances, natural and organic ones, come mostly from the cultivation of plants and flowers, whose extracts are used in cosmetic formulation.

The use of a diverse range of natural and organic raw materials requires that the biodiversity of wildlife habitats is protected. Production of various plant and flower species is preserved. Methods such as organic farming and biodynamic agriculture contribute to biodiversity preservation.

Conventional cosmetics (particularly, cleansers and toothpaste) include microbeads, small non-biodegradable solid plastic particles that often end up in oceans and lakes, posing a potential threat to aquatic life.

Our health and beauty products are made in harmony with nature, including the impact of packaging and packaging materials used. We strongly support the drastic reduction of packaging in products.

More about the topic you can find in the article “Reasons to switch to natural and organic cosmetics” from which we took parts of the text.