Citrine money tree NZ – approximately 120mm high


Manifest wealth with this citrine money tree NZ.

Citrine is known as the money stone.

Keep citrine in the far left hand corner of your living (from the main entrance).

The tree sits on an aventurine base.


Colour – Yellow / orange.

Material – Semi-precious crystals – citrine on aventurine.

Metal – Wire.

Shape – Tree.


Shipping costs via Postage are $10 to urban areas. Add an additional $4.30 for rural areas.

To check if your address belongs to the urban or rural shipping class, please visit the Address Checker.

Contactless, free pick-up available for Rodney residents.

Please contact us if you want to ship this bracelet to international (non-NZ) destinations.

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Money tree NZ – about citrine

The citrine crystal is linked to your solar plexus chakra.

In the spiritual world, yellow colour is linked to decision-making.

It is also linked to joy.

Money tree NZ – manifest abundance

Citrine  is known for its ability to manifest financial wealth.

Watch this short YouTube video for more information on citrine.

Alternatively, contact us for more information.

Care for your money tree NZ

Crystals need to be kept clean and energised to enable them to work,

Make sure you dust your money tree NZ on a regular basis.

If the tree is placed in such a way that it can’t see the moon, put it on a windowsill at full moon.

This will re-energise the crystal properties of the tree.


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