Chakra bracelet with real stones – NZ, beautiful healing rose quartz stretch wristband 8mm beads


Love yourself and show the love to your dearest, today.

Natural rose quartz is for unconditional love, and seven crystals represent the seven main chakras- energy centers. Crystals will balance and cleanse your chakras, bringing improved overall health and well-being through body – mind -soul connection.

Colour – Pink with 7 stones representing the 7 main chakras.

Material – Semi-precious stones – crystals.

Bracelet type – Crystal on stretch cord.


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Chakra bracelet with real stones – about the chakras

Within our bodies there are seven main energy centres, or chakras as they are known. These are:

  • Crown or Sahasrara chakra – sits just above the top of your head. Helps with clarity and connection to universal knowledge. This chakra is associated with the colour white or purple, and the crystals amethyst, lepidolite, white jade, clear quartz and selenite.
  • Third Eye Chakra or Ajna chakra – this chakra is situated in between and just above your eyebrows. This chakra relates to intuition, your inner vision and awareness. The colours that are associated with the third eye chakra are indigo and dark purple, and the crystals that help to balance this chakra include lapis lazuli, amethyst, and sodalite.
  • Throat or Vishudha chakra – which is located in the centre of your throat. A balanced throat chakra allows you the freedom to express yourself openly and clearly, speaking your truth. The colour associated with this stone is blue, and crystals that may help with balancing it include larimar, sodalite, lapis lazuli and angelite
  • Heart or anahata chakra – this chakra is located in the centre of your chest – near your heart. A balanced heart chakra allows you to truly love yourself, and in give and receive unconditional love. The colours associated with this chakra are pink and green. Popular crystals used for balancing the heart chakra are rose quartz, green aventurine, kunzite, malachite and green serpentine
  • Solar plexus or Manipura chakra – which is located just above the belly button. This chakra is associated with self-confidence, decision making and the ability to move forward in life. Yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra and crystals include tiger’s eye, lemon serpentine and citrine
  • Sacral or Svadisthana chakra – located in the middle of your belly, halfway between your belly button and pubic bone. The sacral chakra works to bring creativity and passion to your life. It is also associated with your sexual awareness. Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra and the crystals include orange agate, carnelian, orange aventurine and orange calcite
  • Root or Muladhara chakra – located near the end of your tail bone. The root chakra is about being grounded, having stability and feeling secure. Red is the colour associated with this chakra, but the crystals associated with it can be red or black. These crystals include shungite, black tourmaline, and red jasper.

The chakra bracelet that you get will be unique as it is always handmade, but it will contain one crystal representing each chakra as described above, and 16 rose quartz crystals.

The rose quartz is a beautiful stone that enhances the wearer’s self love and inner peace. Because of this the wearer will have greater compassion, empathy and will be able to give and receive unconditional love.

Chakra bracelet with real stones – more about the bracelet

This chakra bracelet has rose quartz to promote love and seven stones representing the seven main chakras (or energy centres)

  • Size (Approx):Total Length:18cm; Bead:8mm; for larger or smaller bracelets, contact us with the size wrist and we can custom make to your requirement
  • Made with double elastic for better durability
  • Every bracelet is handmade and unique. They are infused with love as part as the process of making them
  • The chakra stones help to open and clear your energy centres
  • Show someone how much you love them – give love for any special occasion or just because you can

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Chakra bracelet with real stones – taking care of your new bracelet

1) It is best not to wear in damp environment – swimming or bathing.
2) Avoid the use of chemicals on your bracelet.
3) To clean the crystals, use a damp, soft cloth.
4) The energy of your crystals needs to be recharged on a regular basis. You can do this by simply putting the bracelet on your window sill at full moon or 3 days either side of it. For more information on cleaning your crystals, see How to cleanse crystals


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