Sensational blue lace agate bracelet – 12mm beads


Speak your truth with blue lace agate.

This bracelet is made with 12mm beads, and is slightly larger than most crystal bracelets.

Blue lace agate is a throat chakra crystal, and brings open communication.

This is a calming crystal that brings balance and relaxation with it.


Suitable for both men and women.


Colour – light blue and white.

Material – Semi-precious crystal – blue lace agate.

Size – approximately 18cm. Size can be adjusted to your meet your needs .

Bracelet type – Crystal on stretch cord.


Shipping costs via Postage are $6 to urban areas. Add an additional $4.30 for rural areas.

Free, contactless pick-up available for residents of the Rodney district.

To check if your address belongs to the urban or rural shipping class, please visit the Address Checker.

Please contact us if you want to ship this bracelet to international (non-NZ) destinations.

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About your blue lace agate bracelet

Blue lace agate is not only an incredibly beautiful crystal, but it also has many healing properties.

This crystal is associated with the throat chakra and is a great stone for helping you to speak your truth.

It is also associated with the third eye and crown chakras for intuition and connection to the universe.

A versatile crystal, it can also be associated with the heart chakra for love.

Blue lace agate is very calming and nurturing. It will support you with your needs.

This crystal will bring balance, calm and peace of mind to sooth your worries or anxiety.*

It is a great stone to use in meditation. Try this guided meditation with your blue lace agate.

Wearing blue lace agate in jewellery will bring happiness and peace into your life.

This crystal will replace toxic energies with uplifting, positive vibrations.

It removes anger and helps with attunement and emotional stability.

If you only have one crystal in your life – blue lace agate could be the one for you!


Blue lace agate is becoming harder to get hold of as the African mines of this crystal have been closed.



*The information given on this website is for information only.

*If you have concerns about your health – please consult with your GP.


More information on your blue lace agate bracelet

All of our natural crystal bracelets are handmade.

We use double elastic for increased durability when making our bracelets.

This reduces the permanent stretching that occurs due to putting on and removal.

  • When you put on or remove your bracelet, roll it over your hand, rather than stretching it over.

The size of this blue lace bracelet is approximately 18cm.

If you would like to change the size, just add a note to your order.

We will always listen to your requirements.

Contact us today for a custom made bracelet to meet your needs.


To go with your blue lace agate crystal bracelet, we can recommend the following:

This bracelet is suitable for both men and women.

As this bracelet is made from natural crystal, what you receive may vary from the one pictured.

Care for your blue lace agate bracelet

To keep your blue lace agate bracelet in great condition, there’s a few simple things you can do:

  1. Your bracelet does not like damp environments
    • Always remove it  before showering, bathing, swimming.
  2. Use a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately if you need to clean your crystals.
  3. Keep away from harsh chemicals as these may damage the natural crystals.
  4. Don’t leave your crystals in the sun as they may fade.
    • You can still wear it on a sunny day though.
  5. Cleanse your crystals by the light of the full moon to remove absorbed energies.





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