Bestie Bracelet for 2 – Twinned bracelets for you and your bestie or partner


Bestie bracelets for 2!

Matching bracelets for your and your best friend/partner.

Made with natural crystals, and a cute magnetic charm to connect your hearts.

These twin bracelets make beautiful gifts for your bestie or your lover.

Of course, you might just fall so in love with them, you keep them both for yourself.


Shipping costs via Postage are an additional $10 to urban areas. Add $4.30 for rural areas.

Free click and collect available for residents of the Rodney district.

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Bestie Bracelet for 2

Our bestie bracelets are made with natural crystals, and a magnetic charm to connect the two bracelets together.

Available crystal combinations are:

  • Strawberry quartz/ rose quartz
  • Strawberry quartz/orange agate/tourmalated quartz
  • Black obsidian/pink opal
  • Kambaba jasper / howlite
  • Moss agate / lepidolite
  • Rose quartz /opalite
  • Dragonstone / Prehnite

If you and your bestie have a preference for a certain crystal / colour combination, get in contact today!

More about our bestie bracelet for 2

Each of the crystal combinations is carefully selected and designed to bring loving and healing energetic properties to your relationship.


Care for your bestie bracelet for 2

To keep your bracelet in great condition, there’s a few simple things you can do:

  1. It is best to remove your crystal bracelet before showering, bathing, swimming, or other damp environments.
  2. If cleaning is required, use a soft, clean cloth.
    • If you need to use it damp, dry your bracelet as quickly as possible.
  3. Harsh chemicals can damage your crystals. Avoid use, wherever possible.
  4. Some crystals will fade if left in the sun.
    • It is recommended not to leave out for extended periods of time in a sunny spot.
    • You can still wear it on a sunny day though.
  5. Over time your bracelet will absorb environmental energies and will need to be cleansed. You can do this by
    • Putting them on a windowsill at full moon ( – three days either side is fine).
    • You can also rest your crystals on a selenite slab to cleanse and re-charge.
Crystal combinations

Dragonblood/Prehnite, Kambaba Jasper/Howlite, Moss agate/Lepidolite, Rose quartz/Opalite, Strawberry Quartz/Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz/Orange agate/Tourmalate Quartz, Black Obsidian/Pink Opal, Design your own


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