Adorable black crystal sheep


Be the master of your own flock with the Crystal Sheep!

Don’t follow the herd, lead it!

Our exquisite black obsidian crystal sheep will not only enhance your space but also inspire you to become the shepherd of your dreams.

Success starts with the right flock!


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Embrace the power of the Crystal Sheep – Fortune Flocks to You!

Baa-rilliantly crafted from black obsidian, our Crystal Sheep radiates positive energy and attracts good luck.

Let this charming statue lead you to a world of abundance.

Join the flock of prosperity!

Crystal sheep from black obsidian

Black obsidian is a type of glass that was forged from volcanic lava that cooled rapidly.

Black obsidian brings protection, grounding and truth.

It helps to cleanse and protect your environment from negative energies.

It is known as the stone of truth.

Care for your crystal sheep

Like all crystals, your black obsidian sheep need to be energetically cleansed from time to time.

To keep your crystals in top condition:

  • Make sure you keep them free of dust and debris
  • Storing them on selenite will help to keep them energetically clean
  • Put your crystal under the moonlight at full moon – this will help to re-charge its energies.

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